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The main components of Missions Me College is to create a movement of leaders who live the impossible. Our students have the opportunity to join our 11 month Leadership Track or earn an associates, bachelors, or masters degree online through our Degree Track.

As part of their education, Degree Track students will earn college credit by serving within Missions Me and leading others to live the impossible. And will attend attend at least one mission trip a year.

Our Leadership Track is an 11 months of discipleship, extensive training, & servant leadership that produces spiritual maturity, authenticity, & character while discipling nations through the 1N1D campaigns. Perfect for a “gap year” experience or someone wanting to carry greater spiritual depth in their life.

MMC is an official extension site of Southeastern University. When enrolled in the Degree Track, you are enrolled in a higher education university. Depending on your goals and previous education, you can complete an Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, and/or Master Degree online with Southeastern University.

Yes! Upon completing the Leadership Track you will receive a Ministry Certificate of Completion from Missions Me. Upon completing the Degree Track you will receive the degree associated with your course of study.

Our Discipleship Track is 11 months. Once completed, student will have the opportunity to enroll in our Degree Track to earn an accredited degree.

Our Degree Track depends on a your academic goals as our students can be enrolled in Missions Me College for 1-4 years. Students are enrolled in classes through our Degree Track in the Fall and Spring.

During the summer months, students in both tracks will be helping with preparations for our summer missions trips and as well as attending a mission trip. Each year at Missions Me College is an 11 month commitment.

If you feel like you need more spiritual depth, we encourage you to join our Leadership Track. Once completed, we highly suggest enrolling in our Degree Track. Completing our Leadership Track will enhance your 1-4 years within our Degree Track.

Missions.Me College is currently accepting applications for Fall 2019 with application submission deadline July 15, 2019. There are a limited number of spots in our program, so completing the application as possible is encouraged. Admission will be closed once the spots are filled.

Students in our Leadership Track will have classes on campus, attend chapels weekly, and get hands-on experience serving with the Missions.Me staff.

Students in our Degree Track will attend classes online, attend weekly chapels, and earn college credit hours while serving alongside the staff at Missions.Me.

Each MMC student will have vacation time and holidays where they are free to travel. A calendar will be provided to all students and parents with a list of the time off and holidays.

Students in our Leadership Track can expect focuses on personal discipleship, spiritual disciplines, leadership training, and more that imparts spiritual maturity, kingdom authenticity, godly character & walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Students in our Degree Track will have their classes tailored to the degree plan they decide. They will also have the opportunity for focused mentorship & impartation through our weekly chapels & leadership culture at Missions Me College.

Yes! Even though students have a pretty demanding schedule in both of our tracks, we understand some students may need to study & work while attending MMC. That is why we leave weeknights and weekends available for students to work.

Apply today and start living the impossible.

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