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Practicum Experience

Our vision is to create a movement of leaders who LIVE THE IMPOSSIBLE. 

Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20

On our own, our resources are limited. With God, we can access the unlimited. It’s time to believe God for more. We don’t want to live in our capacity – we want GOD-capacity. God-sized is void of ceilings. Let’s believe God for what the world would say isn’t possible!

Is God calling you to build a lasting legacy? How have you been gifted to impact cities for years to come? 

We believe in your call, and we want to see you become everything that God is calling you to be. This isn’t about what we get out of you, but instead, it’s about what God is calling out of you.

We want you to live each day with purpose and on mission for what God has called you to do! We believe that God has chosen you for a distinct purpose, and we want to see you flourish in your calling while serving in the 1Day Field School experience. You’re going to be challenged, stretched, strengthened, and positioned to change the world.

What we do in Houston for a season will have a lasting legacy. This is your opportunity to be a part of a new model of missions and evangelism for America.

Be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission:

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. 

Matthew 28:19

The 1Day Field School experience creates opportunities for hands-on training that encourages critical thinking, exposure to best practices, and develops you in your calling to play a significant part in seeing the salvation and transformation of cities and nations.

The 1Day Field School experience includes 15 hours of hands-on experience including spiritual development time through chapels, small groups, staff mentorship, and teachings. You’ll earn serving hours by journeying local churches and organizations into the 1Day Vision, serving at Serve Centers, coordinating with nonprofits, for-profits, and local and state governments.

Student Life Experience

Here’s a snapshot of a week at 1Day Field School:

Three days a week are dedicated to the program experience, where the first hour of each day will be spiritual development time into you including chapels, small groups, and teachings. There will be 15 hours designated in the program for academics, and 15 hours designated for program and serving. 

We understand that school is a priority, and we want to set you up for success in your studies. With 3 regular hours of spiritual development per week, 12 hours of practicum hours, and 15 scheduled hours for school, the rest of your week will be yours to navigate schoolwork, a part-time job, and any other commitments. 

As an integral part in the life of the 1Day campaign, you will be invited to each Missions.Me staff meeting as we journey as a team together. Build close-knit, lasting relationships in a unique mentorship setting. You’ll have direct access to personal relationships with key leaders and directors on the Missions.Me team. We also will have regular opportunities for fun activities and hangouts to build lasting community and relationships. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create lasting change in America’s cities.


  • Work with partnering local churches & local governments
  • Serve at community outreaches weekly
  • Journey churches, serve champions, and organizations into the 1Day Vision
  • Personal mentorship
  • Leadership development
  • Walk in your divine call

Components of the Experience

  • Small Groups
  • Weekly Chapels
  • Staff Teachings
  • 30 hours dedicated a week
  • 15 hours Academics
  • 15 hours Program (3 spiritual development and 12 for hands-on experience)
  • Practicum hours will be fluid
  • Spiritual development hours (1st hour of the day will be spiritual development Monday morning chapel, Tuesday morning small groups, Wednesday mornings is teaching


Students will have the opportunity to choose a practicum track during their time in the 1Day Field School experience. Our tracks provide students with hands-on experience in various areas, so even in choosing one area of focus, students will continue to have exposure in more than one area.

Engagement Team Houston 

Receive exposure and engage with different faith communities to unite the Church through various avenues of communication. Create global awareness for upcoming campaigns, onboard partnering churches by cultivating relationships with pastors and leaders, and collaborate with the Houston Engagement team on strategic growth initiatives. Students will serve directly under the Houston Engagement Director and team, gaining personal access and leadership growth by vicinity.

MM Internal Operations 

This team is the operations hub of Missions.Me campaigns and assists with admin needs of team members, church launches, donations, and getting team members fully fundraised. Create awareness for upcoming campaigns for volunteers. Students in this role will serve directly under our Internal Operations Director and team to gain personal access and leadership growth in the operations of large-scale missions and volunteer teams.

MM External Operations  

We highly value the partners God has called us to collaborate with. The department of External Operations aims to produce high-quality content and resource material for our primary partner types (faith communities, schools, foundations, businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and influencers). It also seeks to structure and manage communication in a way that honors each partner uniquely and consistently. Through working strategically with our partners, we have the ability to accomplish more in an efficient and effective way. Students will serve under the Director of External Operations and team to build out outreaches and create game plans for our partners to scale and maximize their community efforts in their communities.

MM Serve Centers & Outreach

This team exists to ensure that all church and serve center launches are successful. Students help with identifying serve centers and help with all logistical pieces for the 1DAY week.

MM Media, Creative, and Communications

Students are exposed to video editing, graphic design, developing print and digital media, photography, and social media marketing. Creative track students serve directly under our Creative Director, Communications Director, and team to tell the story of Missions.Me, Missions Me College, and the upcoming campaigns. Help learn how to craft words and visuals in order to inspire people, churches, and organizations to serve.

Apply today for the 1Day Field School in Houston!